Sunday, March 1, 2009

My first masterpiece!

For my hubby's 30th birthday, I created my first masterpiece! I had so much fun doing it, although it took all day painting and shaping! But it turned out awesome and I was quite proud! He loved it! He even cut his "stump" with an electric was funny! Anyway, I have been taking courses on cake decorating and am so excited to get started on making these my own little hobby/business. So, the practice begins! Soon, I hope to open up shop and sell! So, keep posted on my cakes and creations!

And, since my baby girl's birthday is the day after my hubby's, I made her first birthday cake too! My first time doing a basket weave and royal icing flowers, it turned out really cute and girly!


  1. Dang Girl! Your so freakin good and making cakes, keep it up u can defintely do this business!!

  2. I really liked your cakes, I wish I could do that good. Keep up the good work they look great.


  3. Well my beautiful sister! I have said it before and I will say it again... you have quite the talent! I loved the tree cake and Lily's that you first did- at least the first I have seen. The others are extraordinary too! You are awesome! I love you tons!